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Contest: Malloy Face Design by Sockless-Sheep Contest: Malloy Face Design by Sockless-Sheep
This is my entry for ThePsychoArtist's contest to design a face for his OC James Malloy, "Interrogator". (If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and check out all this dude's OC's. They're freaking fantastic. ALL OF THEM. >:I) More about my design and reasoning below! :la:

Since Malloy is related to Forever Man (and ergo ABADDON dun dun DUUUUNNNN) I took a bit of inspiration from Abaddon's design such as nose and eye shape. His overall colour scheme is somewhat different as I imagine ethnicity has ended up mixed down the family lines, but Malloy retains a - all be it darker - version of Abaddon's fair hair and yellow eyes.

:bulletorange: Amber coloured.
:bulletorange: Right eye has a small burst blood vessel just to the side of the iris.
:bulletorange: Whispy, long, eyebrow hairs with a notable arch and curve.

:bulletyellow: 'Caramel' coloured.
:bulletyellow: Slicked back in a bit of a 1920's-1940's style. (It's got to still look suave when he takes that helmet off after all! And Malloy likes Jazz...He can steal some stylin' ideas from that era.)
:bulletyellow: It's the kind of length that won't cause huge issues but Malloy can still enjoy combing into place. He's a well-groomed gentleman afterall.

:bulletorange: Gained in the explosion he was in.
:bulletorange: Small 'nicks' on his right cheek and jaw.
:bulletorange: Larger burn scar on the right side of his upper back/shoulder and similar marks on his right ear.
Notes: The shoulder scar is easily hidden under clothing and if need be even the face scars can be covered up with make up. ...Contacts COULD mask the burst blood vessel by his iris, but I like to think Malloy enjoys that mark because it adds a more frightening edge if he ever goes eye-to-eye with someone he's interrogating. >3>

:bulletyellow: Of course any bodily scarring is subject to be altered at Psych's discretion, but this is how I imagine any facial scarring in particular.
:bulletyellow: I vaaaaaaaguely used Jim Caviezel as a real-life face reference although it's not spot-on.
:bulletyellow: I can provide hexidecimal codes for the colours I used too, if that's needed at all!

James Malloy/"Interrogator" (c) ThePsychoArtist
Artwork and design by Sockless-Sheep

~ Sheep xx
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LueniTitan Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaaaas. He looks totally edgy. >:0
Also doing a full turnaround is brilliant. :la:
Sockless-Sheep Featured By Owner May 23, 2015   General Artist
Thanks, dude! "Edgy" is a great word. I will accept it with much joy. >:I Yes.
Aaaaalmost full. I lazed-out when it came to back 3/4 view, but I figured it showed enough. xD

~ Sheep xx
ThePsychoArtist Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ARGH! I freaking love this SO GOD DAMN MUCH! The little twist that you had him looking like Abaddon is so messed up, but so clever c:< He doesn't look all too evil, but there is that uneasiness to him. I just love this, alright!!!
Sockless-Sheep Featured By Owner May 23, 2015   General Artist
:iconlaplz: This is such a great comment. THANK YOU, PSYCH. Your words mean a lot. And I'm glad that taking some of those features from Abbadon was okay! I was a bit worried about that, but hearing you approve makes me feel all the better about taking that route - so double thank you!

~ Sheep xx
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